1. This sales system is addressed to all Customers within the territory of the Republic of Poland.

2. The parties to the transaction are: CUSTOMER (user with legal capacity) and SELLER - JAKSEN Barbara Pociecha Zdebska NIP 6781358466, REGON 356570871 entered in the Register of Business Activity on 01 05 2005 under No. 752, owned by www.jaksen.eu

3.Anyone can freely view the information in the store without having to register and make purchases.

4. It is presumed that when placing an order, the User has read the Terms of Use and has accepted the terms contained therein.

5. The customer deciding to make a purchase at the www.jaksen.eu shop is obliged to fill in all required form fields obligatory according to the actual state of affairs. Failure to do so will be considered a waiver of registration and purchase.

6. The Seller indicates that he undertakes to keep confidential the data entered, which will be used solely for order processing and will not be made available to third parties.


1. The Seller shall make every effort to ensure that the offer is accurate and up-to-date. 

2. Products in the www.jaksen.eu shop - are designed and manufactured by Jaksen - these products, because some of them are handmade, are a unique and unique store offer, so they may slightly differ. Fine details. 

Before you buy, you can read every product description. Descriptions and pictures are included in product categories and in each product card. If the descriptions contain too little information or the customer has any questions regarding the purchase, please contact us at biuro@jaksen.eu or the other on the website.


1. The basis for entering into a transaction in our store is to order. The moment the order is placed on the shop's website by the Customer is the moment the contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer. Placing an order by the customer means acceptance of the regulations. 

2. Orders can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long from the website. 

3. Seller reserves the right to introduce restrictions on the use of the store. 

4. Orders placed on a Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays shall be recorded on the first working day. 

5. If the customer intends to buy the product you are looking at, press the cart button / picture on the right hand side of the product, then the customer will decide on the quantity of ordered products from the cart.

Also from the cart level the customer decides on the form of delivery. Then the customer presses the BUY button - an intuitive mechanism carries out the Customer's subsequent stages of the payment selection including. If the product is available in different colors, sizes, etc., the system will automatically ask the buyer to refine their product selection. Most of the products offered at www.jaksen.eu are available on individual orders. At any time the buyer can refer the question to the shop using the CONTACT tab - here you can also ask about the possibility to order a product of other sizes, designs or in larger quantities. After contact we can specify individual orders. 

6. Orders are confirmed by e-mail. The email address indicated by the buyer, an email with the order information and a link that must be activated to confirm the order is sent. 

7. If the shop can not be confirmed by the store, the order placed will be canceled.

8. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the execution of suspicious orders, ie without providing an email address (or

Telephone number) under which it will be possible to confirm the order. 

9. Jaksen also reserves the right to refuse the order in a special case, such as when a quantitative error has occurred and / or a price has been entered in the description.

10. Orders will be processed according to the order of applications. 

11. The order will be processed provided that the item is available in stock. If parts of the goods are not available, the online shop will contact the customer who will decide on how to complete the order (partial delivery, waiting time, canceling the whole order). 

• The total order execution time is seven working days plus 24 hours after we reach the transfer. Add the delivery time by courier company or Polish Post,

 On the territory of Poland:

• courier: delivery time 1-2 business days,

• Polish Post: delivery time from 1 to 3 days.

Shipping to other countries is set individually.

12. The provisions of § 4 item 11 above do not apply to the situation of bringing the product to an individual order, where the delivery time will be agreed upon with the Customer.

 If the item does not arrive to the Customer despite receiving an order and confirming it, please contact us by phone or email at least 24 hours after the expected delivery date. At the same time we declare that we do not bear any responsibility for the operation of the carrier such as Poczta Polska or courier companies, ie inter alia for losses caused by later than planned delivery time.


1. If you choose the form of payment by bank transfer to your account number: JAKSEN Barbara Pociecha Zdebska 29 1500 1142 1211 4008 2904 0000, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. In the payment / transfer order printing, in the "title" field enter the product name and order number. 

2. The ordered product will be reserved for you for a period of 5 days. If we do not receive your transfer within this time, the order will be canceled. 

3. If you choose the "pick-up" option, payment for the item takes place when the item is picked up. 

4. Each time, irrespective of the form of payment selected, the customer will pay the shipping costs. 

5. Shipping costs according to the price list below and information on the product should be paid simultaneously with the payment for the product in Poland:

6. Courier delivery costs 20 PLN, courier delivery charge 25 PLN on Polish territory .

7. Shipping costs of courier parcel Kurier48 in the case of payment by bank transfer 15 PLN, in the case of payment on receipt 20 PLN.

8. Orders over 1000 PLN are sent free of charge on Polish territory. 

9. Shipments abroad are valued individually depending on the country and quantity (weight) of the goods.

10. JAKSEN Company reserves the right to change the cost of shipments, in particular bulk products,

Atypical shapes or made of materials requiring special forms of transport.

11 The cost of shipping large-sized products, atypical shapes or made from materials requiring special forms of transport will be agreed with the Customer each time. 

12. It is possible to ship the purchased products abroad. Shipping costs will be determined separately according to the destination, size and weight of the package. All arrangements in this matter are made by email from biuro@jaksen.eu. 

13. The customer who will complete the order with payment "on collection" and will not receive the parcel will have to pay the costs of delivery and refund of the previous order in order to re-order it. Until then, his subsequent orders will be blocked. 

The customer together with the product receives a VAT invoice or bill.


1. All prices of goods included in the store's offerare gross prices. 

2. The Seller reserves the right to withdraw items from the store's offer and change prices without giving any reason. 

3. The binding price is the price earned during the sale. 

4. The price of the goods does not include the costs of delivery of the order and the collection that the customer covers. 

5. The cost of delivery and delivery of the consignment within the country is specified in the price list of parcels - Paragraph 5 (6) of these Regulations 

Shipping costs will be set separately in accordance with § 5 (7) of these Regulations


1. In accordance with the "Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended)", you may cancel your purchase without giving a reason within 14 days of the date of receipt or delivery Awiza. This is only possible if the product is not damaged or used in any way. It is necessary to attach a completed, signed form of withdrawal. Please return to: JakSen, Cichawka 33; 32-740 Lapan, with a note "return". Resignation print is available here.

The return policy does not include custom made handicrafts, according to individual preferences and embroidery. 

2. JAKSEN will make a refund of the product price, shipping costs and other side costs of the transaction

Not refundable The user makes a refund at his own expense. Returned goods should be returned together with the purchase receipt (VAT invoice) and the account number to be returned. 

3. The Seller transfers the money to the bank account specified by the Client or sends the postal order to the address specified in the order within 14 working days. Packaging and return shipping costs are borne by the Customer.

 The seller does not accept postage packs.


 1. The Seller makes every effort to ensure that the ordered goods reach the customer in perfect condition.

 2. Upon receipt of the shipment, unpack it in the presence of the carrier and if the mechanical damage of the product occurred during transport, the protocol signed by the customer and the carrier. Only in this case will we accept complaints about defects caused during transport. However, if it becomes otherwise the dispute becomes the shipping company for the customer and not the supplier.

 3. If you have any complaints please contact the seller by e-mail biuro@jaksen.eu. When submitting a complaint, you must specify the name of the ordering party, the order number, the proof of purchase (VAT invoice) and describe the reasons for the complaint.

  4. The advertised product should be sent to Jaksen, Cichawka 33; 32-740 Lapan.

 5. Costs related to the return of the advertised goods, the Seller returns immediately after receiving the shipment and handling the complaint. The returned goods must be accompanied by a confirmation and a note about the cause of the complaint.

 All complaints are processed within 7 working days of receipt. The damaged item will be exchanged for another, full value, and if it is not possible (for example, due to depletion), the store will refund the buyer the equivalent of the price of the product or offer him another choice of goods available at the store.


 1. All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned and virus messages are deleted.

  2. Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 "On the protection of personal data" Shop customers have m In. The right to inspect your data, correct your data, and request removal of data from the database.

 3. The Seller shall, in particular, comply with the provisions of the Law of 2 March 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product. (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended).

 4. The Seller undertakes to keep confidential the data entered in the registration questionnaire. These data are used solely for the purpose of processing orders and are not available to third parties.

 For details of the Seller's Privacy Policy, see "Privacy Statement".


 1. All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned and virus messages are deleted.

 2. Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 "On the protection of personal data" Shop customers have m In. The right to inspect your data, correct your data, and request removal of data from the database.

 3. The Seller shall, in particular, comply with the provisions of the Law of 2 March 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product. (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended).

 4. The Seller undertakes to keep confidential the data entered in the registration questionnaire. These data are used solely for the purpose of processing orders and are not available to third parties.

  For details of the Seller's Privacy Policy, see "Privacy Statement".


 1. The JAKSEN company and the shop www.jaksen.eu, which owns it, respect the personal data of their customers who have expressed their willingness to receive information about the new products in the jaksen store. The Privacy Policy, which is located below, contains notes

About copyright, forum rules, and legal disclaimers, as well as clarifying the problem of personal data.

 2. Copyrights: The content of the site may not be used on other websites. These are publications created by the editors, or others, and therefore copyrighted and used, is a breach of Polish law.

 3. Legal Disclaimers and Liability: Access to knowledge, that is, materials, publications, content, and news content are free, and their authors and JAKSEN are not liable for any damages resulting from their use. JAKSEN Company reserves the right to send advertising emails to the given user's address.

 4. Collection of personal data: www.jaksen.eu has a database of information about its customers. Their application is voluntary and necessary for the registration process in the use of the store. As a rule, this is the name and surname of the user and the required email address. Www.jaksen.eu gives you the possibility to modify or remove your personal data completely from our

 5. Scope of providing user information: www.jaksen.eu does not share personal information and email addresses of its users with any business or company for the purpose of material gain or further processing. Data is adequately secured and encrypted and available only to our company. If the user signs up with an option to share information about himself - the data will not be protected and made available to the public; Eg in the forum, in the comments.


For technical reasons, which greatly improves the efficiency of using our service, we use cookies stored on the user's computer and collect information about the IP address. Do not share or delete cookies may make it difficult to use www.jaksen.eu, for which JAKSEN is not responsible.

The site automatically collects only the information contained in cookies. The files are intended for using the site pages. Mainly include the name of the web page from which they came from, the storage time on the device and their number.

The owner of the site is the sole user of cookies on the user's device.

Restricting access to cookies in your browser may result in the page being malfunctioned.

Detailed information on cookies is available at www.ciasteczka.org.pl


 1. The Seller shall not be liable for the manner in which the Customer uses the Store or for any resulting consequences, and in particular for damages suffered by Customer due to the availability of its email address to third parties, malfunction of the telecommunications network, malfunction or lack thereof Software, improper processing of data by computer systems.

 The Seller reserves the right to temporarily disable access to the store for technical or organizational reasons or to cease to operate completely, without liability for any damages resulting therefrom.


 1. Using the www.jaksen.eu store is unambiguous with the approval of the above rules.

 2. If the shop's pages are functioning incorrectly, there are errors, dead links and other abnormalities in the operation, please report this fact to us.

 3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act of 02.03.2000r.

About the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product.

4. Any disputes arising in connection with the execution of transactions in the online store, the parties shall settle by agreement of the parties. In case of disagreement, the dispute will be resolved to the court competent for the Seller's registered office.

 5. Seller reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. These changes will come into force after they are published on this web site, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

 If you have any doubts or doubts, please contact us at biuro@jaksen.eu

  Jaksen.eu team