Linen apron with fly


100% linen

natural linen


Aprons are made to protect your clothes. But we can give you something more! Recognising the signs of the future and trends, we offer you aprons that are useful, beautiful and ones that give you comfort of wearing something unique.

This novel graphics that you probably saw at first, was made with wooden, handmade stamp and with ecofriendly (but permanent) paint.

We sell this as a set with a linen towel and a linen sack that are stamped with the same pattern.

If one towel is not enough for you - write to us and we will do something about it to make you feel pleased and satisfied.

More details

Do you have a proposal for your own stamp? Write me by contact or call me. I can make a stamp for you and decorate it with an apron, a bag, a cloth or anything else you can imagine.

119,00 zł