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    Ecofriendly, natural bedding. 100% linen stony colored bedding makes you feel comfortable while sleeping. Linen is known as the strongest natural textile so you can be sure that you’ll buy something really long-standing. It is a perfect hypoallergenic fibre, ideal not only for children. It is also known for its ability to keep cool in the summer and...

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    Wooden dragonfly stamp. For fabric print, batik technique, paper and ceramic print.

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    The velvet bag in the middle I finished with silk. At the top of the bag, I pull the collar so that the shopping stays in place and at the same time, it protects things inside. Thanks to solid finish and thick ears, it will even carry a heavy package.

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  • The natural linen pencil case will be perfect for cleaning your favorite pencils, pens... Give it to your baby and let him enjoy the natural fabric. Black hearts and red add-ons that perfectly squeeze the pencil box create an amazing effect.

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About me

  • I am an interior decorator ... In my many years of work I have experienced this particular feeling of satisfaction when it came time to design furniture or cloth clothes in the interior. I recently realized that my passion is no coincidence that wood and fabric soften my heart. This is my legacy after my parents. Today I want to go on and on, to show my own style, to show that useful fabric products can be fun and entertaining. My tailor's workshop has been running since 2005. I created a place with a well-developed machine room but, above all, with people who feel and think alike. Computer embroidery machines and sewing machines only make it easier for us to realize different challenges. We primarily rely on manual skills, so the products that leave the studio have a vested interest in their personal involvement. A few years ago I betrayed a city with a suburban village - here I have a space that develops thoughts and nature that inspires and cares ...

    Maybe that's why I understand the needs of my clients...?