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    Linen napkin - peppre and salt

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    The bubble first is felting dry and then we give it a felt soft wet. The basis of this bubble is Styrofoam, which makes it extremely light when it comes to snowballs. It can therefore be tied directly to the branches of the Christmas tree and not necessarily hung, or can be used in many other ways as a Christmas decoration.

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    By hand I braid the strings of cotton and silk strings steadily I connect with each other and sew the bottom so that a natural sidewalk is created. Warning. Hand wash at temperatures up to 40 degrees.

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    Ceramic bowl for soup, stir-fry dishes, salads. A distinctive Asian shape plus a beautiful  pastel enamel on a gray clay. Rolled on a potter's wheel, glazed with a food-safe enamel. Can be washed in a dishwasher. Do not use in microwaves. Ceramics from the PoWoli ceramic workshop made only in short series or single pieces. Also on request.

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  • I am an interior decorator ... In my many years of work I have experienced this particular feeling of satisfaction when it came time to design furniture or cloth clothes in the interior. I recently realized that my passion is no coincidence that wood and fabric soften my heart. This is my legacy after my parents. Today I want to go on and on, to show my own style, to show that useful fabric products can be fun and entertaining. My tailor's workshop has been running since 2005. I created a place with a well-developed machine room but, above all, with people who feel and think alike. Computer embroidery machines and sewing machines only make it easier for us to realize different challenges. We primarily rely on manual skills, so the products that leave the studio have a vested interest in their personal involvement. A few years ago I betrayed a city with a suburban village - here I have a space that develops thoughts and nature that inspires and cares ...

    Maybe that's why I understand the needs of my clients...?